October 13-15, 2023

Jochen Brocks: “Our Deepest Nucleated Ancestors, the Rise of Algae, and the Emergence of Animals” (Keynote)

Emily Parke: “What is Life? Narrowing the Scope”

Javier Gomez-Lavin: “The Cognitive Mosaic Underlying Working Memory”

Elselijn Kingma: “Pregnancy and Counting Organisms/Individuals”

Rebecca Mann: “Not Seeing the Hive for the Bees: How an Agential Account of Biological Individuality Can Come Apart From Concepts of the Organism”

John Matthewson: “Partial Proper Functions”

Brett Calcott: “How to Build a Two-Legged Goat”


Another t-shirt masterpiece from Ainsley Seago is below. Along with a now semi-traditional echidna, and other wildlife.



(“Food at PBDB is typically self-catered…”)

High-res of the group photo above is here.


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