August 13-15, 2011.

Alkistis Elliott-Graves: Models provide solutions to the problems of Invasion Biology

Maureen O’ Malley: Integration and its implications in molecular systems biology

Rachael Brown: Learning and Evolvability 

Ben Fraser: Costly signaling theories: beyond the handicap principle

Stephan Kubicki: Signaling, Coordination and Sender-Receiver Games

Adrian Currie: Reduction, History and Unity

Kim Sterelny: Language, Gesture, Skill

Richard Menary: Are there innate cortical constraints on numerical thinking?


More photos from PBDB5 are here.

Participants: Pierrick Bourrat, Rachael Brown, Adrian Currie, Tim Dean, Henry Dixon, Kirsty Douglas, Alkistis, Elliott-Graves, Ben Fraser, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Linus Huang, Stephan Kubicki, Chris Lean, Kate McMahon, Richard Menary, Maureen O’Malley, Brant Pidmore, Isobel Ronai, Steward Saunders,  Ben Solly, Kim Sterelny

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