August 24 – 26, 2007

Christian List (LSE): Aggregating causal judgments

Patrick Forber: Models of scientific inference and a lesson from the field

Arnon Levy: Success-based learning and the evolution of morality

Ben Kerr: The evolution of restraint in structured populations

Ben Fraser: Theory of mind and moral judgment: Findings from fMRI & the folk

Stewart Saunders: Are costly signalling models empirically tractable?

Kim Sterelny: Born to be good?



Participants: Lindell Bromham, Rachael Brown, Brett Calcott, Marcell Cardillo, Stephan Downes, Lina Eriksson, Patrick Forber, Ben Fraser, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Ben Kerr, Ben Jeffares, Holly Lawford-Smith, Arnon Levy, Christian List, John Matthewson,  Matt Phillips, Brant Pridmore, Jane Sheldon, Kelly Roe, Stewart Saunders, Kai Spiekermann, Kim Sterelny, Jessica Thomas

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