July 21 – 23, 2009: Such is Life

Matt Bateman: Reverse Inference

Stephan Linquist: Models, Meaning and Morality, or, Why is Ecology so Hard?

Thomas Pradeu: Forget About Your Self: The Continuity Theory in Immunology

Patrick Forber: The Hard Problem for Philosophy of Historical Science

Brett Calcott: Evo-devo as Engineering


** More photos from the whale episode are here.

Participants: Matt Bateman, Austin Booth, Rachael Brown, Brett Calcott, Ellen Clark, Wiebke Diemling, Alkistis Eliot-Graves, Joyce Havstad, Patrick Forber, Peter Godfrey-Smith, Richard Joyce, Ben Jeffares, Gal Kober, Rob Lanfear, Arnon Levy, Stephan Linquist, Dominic Murphy, Thomas Pradeu, Kelly Roe, Kim Shaw-Williams, Kim Sterelny, Deena Skolnick Weisberg, Michael Weisberg.

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